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We are excited to announce that IndSoft has recently partnered with Winshuttle to provide world-class SAP data automation and data migration solutions. Are you considering a new implementation of SAP or dealing with data automation or data migration challenges? If yes, then Winshuttle might be a great solution for you.

Winshuttle has helped many companies around the world streamline their SAP operations for critical business areas such as Master Data, Finance and HR without compromising their security or control. Winshuttle enables end-users to work with SAP directly from Excel and SharePoint, without coding. Basically, Winshuttle empowers end-users to use Excel or SharePoint as the front end to SAP to simplify the SAP user experience. As a result, Winshuttle improves productivity and saves companies significant time and money.

Please take a moment to view a few quick solution demo links with you so you can see for yourself how easy and effective Winshuttle's solutions are:

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