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  1. As a new employee of IndSoft, what paperwork should I complete?
  • Please use the following instructions to finish the new employment paper work.
  • Please download the I-9, W4, State-W4 ( if applicable) forms.
  • Please sign offer letter and other documents provided by IndSoft’s HR
  • Please mail the signed forms along with the supporting documents. (Attach SSN and driver’s license copies)
  2. Where do I find copy of timesheet?
  • Hours are recorded on a time slip for each work week. Please login to using employee login link and fill the time and expenses. In case if you have issue with internet please use the time sheet which you received with your new employee paperwork. Make copies of the time sheet for the following weeks.
  3. What is the procedure to submit a timesheet?
  • Please submit the time sheets online using your employee login page, in case if you have issue with internet please send the signed time sheets to or fax the time sheets @ 630-524- 9000(F) and expenses @ 630-524-0009(F). (When you are sending the time sheets we don't need the covering letter). Please make sure you write your name on the time sheet. If you have any questions you can reach accountant @ 630-324-0006 X 204.)
  •  Time sheets are due by 4:00 p.m. CST on the Monday following each completed work week. Please make sure you have verified your hours and have the authorized person signature.
  4. How do I notify an address change?
  • Please login to employee login and update the address.
  • Please login to Paychex account and update your address.
  5. How do I notify any tax status change?
  • Please login to Paychex account and update the address.
  • Please fill and sign the Direct Deposit form along with the void check copies to Payroll email id.
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